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Crainstorm is a real-time, crowd-sourced brainstorming tool that lets you gather insights and input from marketers, entrepreneurs, creators and innovative thinkers. Home to 100+ Marketers and Innovators.

Crainstorm just launched and is in a BETA stage. You may encounter some bugs or issues as things take shape. We welcome your feedback!

How it Works

  1. Host - Create a brainstorm event by clicking "Host a Brainstorm" at the top of your screen. Provide some background info, set a budget, decide how many folks you want in your meeting, and set a date and time.
  2. Hire - Invite some relevant participants to apply to your brainstorm, wait for applicants to roll in and review, select and approve your contributors.
  3. Brainstorm - When the time comes, start your event and collaborate, ideate and get some new and fresh insights on a challenge you’re trying to solve.

Generate ideas and gather input. There's a Crainstorm for anything.

Become a Crainstormer

Are you a marketer, innovator, creative or someone with an opinion on everything? Join our network of hundreds of brainstormers, search and apply for brainstorms and contribute ideas and insights to those who need them.